mili mo’s brain map.

presenting the lamest brain map on earth.. goes to meeeeeeeeeeeee LMAO. inspired by 2PM’s brain maps here (cr: 2pmalways).
and thanks to my madu lebah, @wynad for making the brain map template for us her beloved tlisteu :p

p/s: this is woo’s brain map template btw. so qt righttt. i want to use junho’s but it’s too alien-ish idek LOL.
p/s: kakak annoying wajib ade dlm list hokeyy.


of AI 10 and james durbin.

i still don’t have any fav contestant in AI like the previous seasons. i still remember how crayray i went with yani for david cook (i wrote a number of entries bout him in my blog lol here, here and here) for the 7th season and adam lambert/kris allen (here and here) for the 8th season. i miss those days where i was so into AI like what is kpop? LMAO. but 9th season was a boo cuz at first i was like erm i think i like this guy but he shows no improvement even til the final episode. so yeah, booooo. wait what’s his name i forgot dy lolol. ok lee dewyze got it.

james durbin.

for this season though i have no fav contestants so far but i’m eyeing james durbin. he has tourette and asperger’s syndrome fyi. i was like wowww. muke xmcm suare sedap ok, bygkan muke remp suara anuarzain/faizaltahir nyanyi kat af mentor etc pastu sume org cam woww. LOL. that’s what we called god’s power. he might have disadvantage with those syndromes but he still can make living with his voice. and his voice is unique too. ppl say he is trying to be like adam lambert but i dont think so. he has his own style and i can feel that i’m gonna root for him til the final episode LOLOL. way to go to james. and scotty too cuz he’s qt lmao.

here’s some vids 🙂


hollywood week group – somebody to love

hollywood week solo – oh darling

vegas week

top 12 guys – you get another thing comin’

week 1 – maybe i’m amazed


…for this !! koreaaaaa here i comeeeeeeeeeee !! bought this during air asia promo last week. we’re like jizzing in our pants (literally ofc) to get the cheapest tix, scroll the next day button so damn fast as shit luckily these tm folks got unifi connection at their office so yeah we managed to grab the cheap tixs LOL. only 5 of us (me, anne, yani, intan and erol) managed to confirm and everything so we paid it on the spot using erol’s account first cuz he’s richer than us ofc LMAO thanks erol. paid him dy ok. and thanks to my sister too cuz i was actually made a rm600 loan from her to pay erol haha. i got no money la i’m no rich. cuz my money always go to lee junho and the other brothers in law ottokae?

although the trip will be jan next year LOLOL but i dont even care. cuz we’re so essaited as f** we even planned everything dy kk (me and anne and yani especially) LMAO. so essaited to go to my bb’s country omg !! i’m gonna spend the whole week there shopping and stalking and spazzing like some crazy bish fangirl LOL whatever.

p/s: but then i just realized that it means i have to start saving up like crazy now. like i have to eat pasir everyday to save up. rm200 per month for 10 months so i can have enough mollah later. rm2k is it enough? any advice?

25 things.

i’ve been tagged by my fellow hottest-mate cik fatima LOL.
task: write a note with 25 random thing, fact, habit or goal about you.

ok imma start now.

  1. my real name is nur kamilia and i have 3 nicknames so far: mili (friends), acu (family) and nemo (kpop friends) lol.
  2. i’m malay but my dad is javanese and mum is mandailing.
  3. i’m 5’1”.
  4. i love iced tea so much i could drink it everyday.
  5. i’m the youngest from 6 siblings and the only one left unmarried kk.
  6. i rename every single files in my HD so they would have proper file names.
  7. i have a list of movies, series, shows etc that i’ve downloaded and will mark/strike it once i watched and burn it into dvd.
  8. i have a huge collection of detective conan comics, from #1 to #60.
  9. i have an 18 yrs old teddy bear (his name is abu) LOLWUT that’s creepy.
  10. i have a 7 yrs old bantal busuk it’s so yellowish you wouldn’t want to smell it LMAO.
  11. i have 6 nephews and 4 nieces.
  12. i’m so proud to be in this hottest fandom /cheesy.
  13. my hubby is nuneo bb it’s LEE JUNHO from 2PM have i said this before ?? LOLOL.
  14. i’m a working fan girl so yeah my kpop life only starts at night tbh, and on weekend ofc sobs.
  15. but i’m planning to resign from this job SOON puahaha coz erm it’s stressing me out -__-.
  16. i like going to kpop concerts fanmeeting fansigning like i will go to all of em idk why (even they’re not my bias !! tupiem when will you come sobs -__-)
  17. i like to buy books, just because i like to see them nicely organized on the shelf. i have 18 fiction books so far yet haven’t finished reading any of them.
  18. i like to eat takotako sfm i even have a goal to be a tokei takotako berjaye once before LMAOOO.
  19. i hate ignorant ppl especially these peeps who like to simply say that they don’t know when it is obvious that you’re lazy to learn or even to google it (this is obviously dedicated to u kakak annoying).
  20. i hate IT noob. i’m not asking you to learn coding or something, but can you at least have some guts to try and do a simple thing like online bank transaction yourself omg ashgdjklkfdlfjdkls !! 1 1 1
  21. i hate close minded people (e.g “haa die ni bagusss, cakap melayu” like wtf man what’s wrong with speaking english ?? and yeah when people underestimate me just bcoz i graduated from private uni LOLWUT just stfu and gtfo ok you ignorant ppl).
  22. i hate when people ask something that is obvious (e.g “makan ke?” or “tengok tv ke?” like you don’t know what i’m doing atm).
  23. i hate people that stink coz they don’t use deodorant especially in a crowded train FML. wae is it so hard to spray deodorant.
  24. i hate kakak annoying sfm !! (you should knw this my dear tlisteu kk).
  25. my goal this year is to have my own car so i don’t have to ride this mofo train everyday to work LMAO /sadlaifu.


p/s: i copied some of them from my ’10 days challenge’ on my tumblr LMAO i’m cheating ok fine kthxbai.
p/s lg: sok nk wat versi bm plak haha perlu laa.