global flashmob day malaysia.

 with my hottest tlisteu at 2pm’s pokok lol.

 during rehearsal.

the participants (cr: mykpophuntress’ fb).

went to taman jaya yesterday for global flashmob day malaysia!  this event is in conjunction with global flashmob day event by dreamstage korea. thus our 8 local fanclubs – mytvxq, my4nia, mysone, shineeworldmalaysia, myb2uty, mywonderful, chocofam, sjworld and myhottest2pm are collaborating for this event.

so we’re dancing to this mashup of 16 songs :-
1. keep your head down (tvxq) & ayyy girl (jyj)
2. mirror mirror & muzik (4minute)
3. hoot & tell me your wish (snsd)
4. lucifer & ring ding dong (shinee)
5. fiction & soom (b2st)
6. nobody & tell me (wg)
7. super girl & sorry (suju)
8. without u & hands up (2PM)

it was not easy i knw, to gather all these fanclubs and all. kudos to all directors, admins etc u guys rocks! oh and it was super fun anyway! even though all hottests are not really active that day cuz we are actually waiting for 2pm’s new mv release at the back lol we keep refreshing our phone while waiting for the next session to start (and sneaked into the crowd only when they start playing without u lmao). i memorized the steps but not really good to dance it cuz my kaki is so keras sobs. but during hands up everyone was like drunk already cuz it is the easiest choreo for god’s sake! LOL. just put your hands up in the air like no one care! puahaha. overall i had fun with my hottest tlisteu and other kpoppers as well! 🙂

enjoy the fancam first. they haven’t finished editing the official vid yet lol.

idek what’s the purpose lol but we put our hands up like no one care lmao.

got my lightstick a.k.a penggaru belakang dy !! woot !!

we’re one of the finalists!

see thaaatt. our photo is listed in the finalists video! kkk

this is the photo lol (edited & submited by rina)

i think i just published the post about this soompi contest last monday lol then suddenly this morning kakton and rina tweeted that soompi has announced the finalists! and guess what? we’re one of them! asdfsghdskjdjsfdjkdsdsgjsgdshj am i dreaminggg? :’) even my junho bb did mentioned something about ma-lae-sia in the video lmaooo. after being a hottest for 2 yrs i never heard this word coming from his mouth lol :’) perhaps he mentioned it while watching our entry? cuz there’s only 1 finalist from malaysia. and that’s us !! LOL super happy ide !! xDDD

i lapyuuu girls my hottesteu kkk kakton timot rina. and a big thanks to the photographer, kakton’s friend (sry i forgot your name =.=) and to rina too for editing & submitting the photo! ❤

this is the vid lol :-

hands up photoshoot.

put your hands up in front of CM! lol.

get your drinks up at mamak! lol.

with kakton. xtau la kat mane ni ha. lol.

at dataran merdeka.

at dataran merdeka.

had a photoshoot day out around kl last month with my hottest tlisteu kakton, timot and rina for the sake of this ‘jype and soompi 2PM hands up photo/video contest’ lol. to enter the contest, we need to submit a photo/video that represents the concept of 2PM’s latest mv – hands up! so here we go, went to central market, dayabumi and dataran merdeka to shoot a photo of our own concept of how to put our hands up and get our drinks up! what drinks? teh tarik jela ofc trololol. we were so enthusiastic to enter this contest just becauseeeee of the prizes. keukeukeu.

1. autographed 2PM cd
2. 2PM shout out video
3. limited edition 2PM tshirt
4. 2PM contest postcards with printed autographs

so that’s it. hope we can win this (and fight with the other 3647269246329 entries lol) wish us luck!

p/s: thank youuu kwn kakton yg jadik photographer hehe.
p/s lagi: bile result nk keluar haa mangkok?

bakery story.

hello guys. haven’t blogged for 354738292926 years dy lol. just simply because i have nothing to say here? and i’m here now just to ask if any of you are playing bakery story on phone? this is a free app on iphone and android so go la download now. why still play angry birds? lmao. haa then add me as your neighbour ok. my storm8 id is milimo. btw the concept is just like farmville one la. go masak2 then hidang2 then dapat duet then can expand your bakery, buy more stuffs etc. i play this like a serious businesswoman ok. dlm train on the way pegi keje masak. masak yg stok 2-3 jam then time lunch break bole hidang. pastu masak lain 2-3 jam, dlm train on the way balik hidang lagi. mlm sebelom tido masak lg yg 8 jam then esok dlm train hidang lg. and it goes on and on and on. LOL over gile. this is my current obsession tbh, other than 2PM ofc LOL. reminds me of those good old internship-play-farmville-all-day-long days sobs i miss those days sfm !! =.=

this is my bakery. i’m so kaya idek what to do with my 150,000 bucks LOL /iz kerek/

see thaaaaaaaat. this is the coolest fanservice ever! keukeukeu

btw just wanna brag here that hungry gave me a hot chocolate last week! as a gift! omg can’t breathe like freeze. but who the hell is hungry? it’s mr okcat ok taecyeon la! u dunno? go dai now lol jk.