of recent laifu.

so freakin bored in office so i decided to write this entry. hahaha.

basically this is the summary of things happened in my life for this year. /not that there’s anyone gonna read this ๐Ÿ˜

– went to koreaaa like finally. made a 7-entries post about it HERE.

– umm nothing interesting happened lol.
– eh got one. our 7th anniversary~ wow it has been THAT long? lol. but didnt celebrate it tho. well we’re all grown ups now.

– trip to bangkok for 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour with hottest friends a.k.a missB keukeu. love this trip sfm! not really sure why i have’t blog about it yet…… can’t find any excuse actually lol. will write about it later!

– umm nothing interesting happened lol.

– my birthday! on 22nd may lol.
– trip to singapore with petom! not all petom anyway; only yani, sitot, intan, pika, paru & erol. quite boring coz it’s sg, and for 3 days? what do u expect lol. but i love USS! and the transformers ride! haven’t blog about it too….. why am i like this. will write about it later!

– bad news for my working life. ibtut announced that they gonna terminate/being terminated their contract (idk which one) with meksis. soooooooooo does it mean that i’m gonna be jobless? hell no!
– so what we had to do is.. while doing knowledge transfer (KT) to the new vendor, we gotta find another job within ibtut itself. but there wasnt much opportunities for the same job scope as my current role. tsk. how meh? i dont wanna work in accounting/finance/etc etc department! ๐Ÿ˜

– trip to sabah with hottest friends a.k.a missB. hehe. went to kundasang, kinabalu park (had to pass thru the freakin 1km-from-ground canopy walk! OTL), rumah terbalik, mamutik island, sapi island, eat ikan bakar & seafoods, even do parasailing with anubd! and yes, haven’t blog about this too….. lol. LATER!
– bought a new phone tehehehehe. good bye apple, hello android! XD

– final days at ibtut-meksis. daily activities is.. went to work, reached office at 11 am (lol), open tweetdeck facebook etc, when the clock hits 12 pm.. let’s go to midvalley / klcc! and went back at 4 pm lol. and it goes on and on til the transition day which is a week before hari raya.
– then my manager said she want to lend me to infra team doing ID management thingy, still with ibtut-meksis tho but at a different location, which is meksis tpm at bkt jalil for 2 months. so i just went there lor, doing this ID thingy.. the easiest job i ever did lol. freakin love the location too coz i can use kesas highway which only took me about 30 mins to go there. omg i miss u tpm.

– boss called and said i’ve been offered a new job at another account, which is a banking line. same jobscope ofc (supporting their apps/systems) thus i didnt hesitate much, just accept it. quite love this new account (less workloads :D) but don’t really like the environment /coz it’s a bankkkkk lol. and the location too TSK. have to wake up at 5.30 am, then went out at 6.30 am, reached lrt kelana jaya at 7.30 am and park my car there, take lrt to dang wangi station, walk a bit then take monorail to jrc station, reached office at 8.35 am and eat my breakfast (a.k.a nasi lemak), then start work at 8.45 am. balik punye hal xyah cite la. to cut it short, i reached home at 8 pm every night. so basically my working life started as early as 5.30 am and ended as late as 8 pm. wtaf? lol. obviously not the way of life i’ve been dreaming of. ๐Ÿ˜
– went to jung il woo holika holika fanmeeting at times square. and ofc i didnt win the lucky draw by holika holika, to participate in the fansign and photogroup. so yeah, me, tonbd and timbd just can stand at the back and see il woo from afar. tsk!
– dad was admitted to ward due to sudden stroke (ofc it’s sudden OTL) which affects his brain and knee. and he was not yet fully recovered til now… ๐Ÿ˜ hmm actually a bit ok now, no more headache, but his knee is still suffering. how i wish i can do something to ease his pain ๐Ÿ˜

– went to wonder girls wonder world tour in KL at stadium negara. thanks to anne for bringing me coz she won 2 vvip tixs from red fm. kkk tharanghae! wg unnirs are so pretty! and our seats were quite close to the stage. ๐Ÿ™‚
– went to lee hyun woo’s one tv asia fanmeeting at sungai wang plaza. not really a fanmeeting tho lol. and i didnt win the contest by astrocircle, so yeah, me and wawa just can stand at the back and see this cutie pie from afar. tsk!
– went to bigbang alive galaxy tour in malaysia at stadium merdeka. they really rockssssss the night! woohoo. it’s a last minute decision haha not sure why finally i decided to go. anddddddd it’s really worth it.
– went to lee seung gi event at kenanga city mall. thanks to timbd for winning the groupon contest lol and bring us thereee. but again, it’s the cheapest one so here we go again, sitting at the back and can only see seung gi oppar from afar! lol.

– well it just started…… LOL.
– ahh..went to ze:a showcase at kwc last saturday! ahaha. thanks jaya unnir for the free tix! ๐Ÿ™‚
– and my bestie’s wedding sobs. both husband & wife are my ex-schoolmates. we’re totally in a different phase now.. tsk. anyway have a blessed marriage my friends! โค

that's the summary of my life for 2012 up til now. terima kasih kerna sudi membaca. til then, toodles!



now I can blog whenever wherever I want tooooo xD

new responsibility.

not yet ready to spend rm500 per month actually but what to do. kenot tahan la nak pegi mane2 pon kene naik ktm yg cam tuut tu lol *mcm la pasni gi keje xnaik ktm gak*. mcm nk sepak je bile ckp objektif beli kete ialah utk parking kt stesen ktm terdekat so xyah la jln kaki gi ktm lol. tp ok la gak at least sng la nk kua jenjalan ngan petom ke nk gi konsert kpop ke xyah la aku nk wat muke seposen “anneyyyy.. ย nk tummmmpangggg hehe” LMAO. ok fine aney fine pasni aku amik ko plakkkk.

welcome to mommy my new babyyyy. gonna give it a name soon hehe.

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mili mo’s brain map.

presenting the lamest brain map on earth.. goes to meeeeeeeeeeeee LMAO.ย inspired by 2PMโ€™s brain maps here (cr: 2pmalways).
and thanks to my madu lebah, @wynad for making the brain map template for us her beloved tlisteu :p

p/s: this is wooโ€™s brain map template btw. so qt righttt. i want to use junhoโ€™s but itโ€™s too alien-ish idek LOL.
p/s: kakak annoying wajib ade dlm list hokeyy.

just passed my driving license test.

………. at the age of 23 24 LMAO idek. don’t judge me peeps. it’s not that i’m doing this on purpose. it’s more to personal issue LOL i’m just kidding ofc. idek why so stop judging !! ohh and it was raining heavily today actually, thank god it stops raining when my turn came. haha. lucky much? kak jpj pon baik omg siap boleh tanye “pkai perfume pe ek? erm wangi” LMAO that’s a good start. i can borak2 chitchat with her then. klau x sampai abis test aku senyap je pastu die igt aku sombong pastu tros fail. nasib x hehehe. terer x aku bole pass. ckp terer cepat !! wkakaka.

hurm i’ve always complained about this 3 months of hectic life. being lifeless is not fun at all ok. i’m working on weekdays yet still need to wake up early on weekends for driving lesson. but but i’m so gonna miss my driving instructor, who is so nice, sobs, the other cikgu (even mcm gatal LMAO lantakla), makcik kantin, kakak kaunter, abg kaunter, cikgu qti muke garang nk mati tp cm gtl je etc LOL.

ngl i’m gonna miss this driving school sobs

yg penting dh habis. now bole la beli kete puahahaha beli kete cam beli kuih ye dak awukk2. the best part is duri xboleh ejek aku lagi wek wek !!

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at home.

one week hols. baru hari pertama da bosan. haha. ape nak buat kat rumah? dah la intenet pon xde. ni pon pinjam broadband abg aku. so keje hari-hari selain study dsp + vlsi (erk, tpoo gile) ialah habiskan segala series yg ade. selain tengok tv dan tengok cite ulang2 (bese la astro). selain tu makan dan tido. eh selain tu siapkan soalan survey utk fyp jua. nnt da siap aku upload sini. sume kene jwb tau. kalau x pakai wireless broadband pon kene jwb gak. bantai jela jwb pape. hahaha. okla nk tido bye! gong xi fa cai!

p/s: td ptg tido mimpi junho. hee. ๐Ÿ˜€

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