happy 8 years.


it has been that…. long? keukeu.


big bad wolf books.

 patah tangan nak hangkot dik non!

 total damage = RM199 /only!/ XD

went to Big Bad Wolf Books at MAEPS Serdang last Thursday. and all aloneee! lol. but i like it that way. so i can tawaf the whole hall and dive in to find all books that i want. some of you might be clueless about this Big Bad Wolf thingy. well it’s like the biggest book fair (i dont even know where are these 458721934872483 books coming from but i think somewhere from UK? lol idk). like all those books you can find at mph/popular/borders etc, all of them are so cheap you’ll be so surprised. coz it’s so cheap! how cheap? RM8 yawwwwwwww! XD

 imma read this first. idek when i’m gonna finish reading this lol.

so what are you waiting for? this book fair will last til this weekend. go spend your money like a boss to buy books!

where: MAEPS Serdang (map HERE)
when: 7th – 16th Oct 2011
more info: Big Bad Wolf Books’ Website / FB / Twitter

 how does the book fair looks like (cr: big bad wolf books’ FB)

p/s: i might go there again tomorrow. on it’s final day! perhaps there’ll be RM3 books? lol.