korea trip day 7 (final day).

yeah finally, our final day in korea! not that i’m happy to leave seoul (sobs =.=) but i’m happy that finally i can wrap up this korea trip posts lol. so on our final day, it’s a schedule-free day, so we were free to go anywhere. woke up ard 8.30am and get ready to check out from the guesthouse. our plan is to leave our luggages at the airport then went back to seoul again. so me intan jue & niza took 2 cabs to the airport since it’s impossible to drag our 4873363647 heavy luggages thru the endless staircases at the subway lol. the cost for a cab to the airport? 50,000 won per cab. =.= while the others took subway to the airport. coz they are badang lmao.

goodbye seoul backpackers goodbye~

with the taxi ahjussi lol.

work why why are u hunting me even at korea OTL.

after finished dropping our bags at the luggage storage (not free tho. need to pay 24,000 won for abt 25kg luggage) we went back to soeul. while intan stayed at airport (idek how did she spent her hours at the airport lmao) and jue & niza went somewhere else.

1) myeongdong

our first destination is myeongdong cuz these guys can’t stop themselves from buying more & more clothes at f21 lol. ugh me too anyway lol. bought 4 shirts from f21 for 38000 ~ rm110! it’s so effin cheap ok. usually i can only get 2 shirts with that price at f21 malaysia. sadly i didn’t have much money left (it’s final day, what do u expect) or else i would’ve bought any nice winter coat there sobs.

while waiting for subway to itaewon~

2) itaewon

then we got so hungry and decided to have our late lunch at itaewon. kebab timeeee! but anne was nowhere to be found. after half an hour wandering around f21 & zara looking for her, we drop a msg on whatsapp to inform abt the lunch plan and went to itaewon first. sorry aney =.= then we had our late lunch at mr kebab. i ordered a chicken + rice set for 7000 won & coke for 1500 won. it was so naiseu! (maybe i was too hungry lol).


3) dongdaemun

after finished stuffin ourselves with kebab, then it’s time to go back to the airport. but i still haven’t found my ‘beg makcik’ yet lol. wth beg makcik. so i decided to go to dongdaemun alone to look for that beg makcik (cuz i thought i’ve seen it before at the stall outside goodmorning city when we went there on day 4). and yeah one of the ahjumma at the stall area sell it! mansaeee. i can drop whatever small things/bags inside it and check in the bag later lol.

the stall where i bought that begmakcik lol.

they were dancing to kara’s mister!

it was still early at that time. so i went to goodmorning city with my 30000 won and bought a hoodie for 9000 won hehe. and there was a dance competition or something in front of hellow apm so i just stood there and watch their perf. it was bittersweet to think that i’m gonna miss all these happening sights sobs =.= i miss kl ngl but to think that i’m gonna have to leave seoul & back to reality in kl (= work) tomorrow is just.. hmm.

4) airport

ard 10.30pm then i went back to airport (with subway ofc lol). and we slept there! and make the airport like our own home haha. nobody was there at midnight so it’s quite convenient to just lay around there on those chairs and sleep kekeke. our flight gonna be at 8.30am (the next morning) so there is no choice other than just stay there. actually our initial plan was to rent a room at the airport sauna nut it was quite expensive (plus the fact that we are dead broke already lol). so yeah.

eating on the airport’s floor #likeaboss kkk.

my checked in luggage. less than 25kg yaww!

that’s a wrap! it was such a wonderful 8 days at seoul sobs. obviously it’s not gonna be my last trip to korea. definitely will go there again soon (with improved hangugo tehehe). till then, annyeong~

korea trip day 4.

hello ppl i’m back! lol. well i was on hiatus for a month cuz i was a bit busy to catch up with my workloads sobs. and ofc bcoz of my bangkok trip too. bahahahaha. i haven’t finished write everything abt my korea trip yet i went to bangkok already. can’t wait to start writing abt bkk trip omg it was more osm possum!. ok let’s finish this one first! 🙂

so this day 4 is totally about me & anne fulfilling our wish. if you hate kpop, don’t ever read this LOL. syuuuuuuuuuhhh!!

1) mnet mcountdown

basically there are 4 types of music shows in korea from their 4 main channels – mcountdown (mnet), music bank (kbs), music core (mbc) & inkigayo (sbs). music shows is like our own weekly muzik-muzik la lmao. we go there and watch the artist perform pre-recording/live, something like that. and ppl said that going to mcountdown is the easiest one (it was not easy ponnn tbh sobs), so we opt for mcountdown since it will be impossible for us to go to all 4 shows ;___;

so the day started when we woke up at 4.30am to catch the earliest train as we could lol. then we reached digital media city station around 6.30am and there were already some girls (looks like fangirls lol). ugh y u no go to school? ohh it’s school holidays haizz. and we took a cab to the mnet building (cj e&m building) where it is the place for all mnet’s live/recording shows. it was like tv3’s sri pentas at bandar utama (lmaooo stop comparing!! OTL). it was still dark and so freaking cold when we reached there omg. SO FREAKIN EFFIN COLD!!!!! MINUS 10 DEGREES for god’s sake. we were totally clueless. ofc we already got some tips from friends who have been there before, but still! then we saw 2 diff groups of fangirls – angels (teen top’s) & a+ (mblaq’s). oh btw it was the day when mblaq made their comeback! there’ll be no chance to sneak into A+ crowd with those 45637263872 A+. so we went to angels crowd and gave our name to them. the steps to get into the nokka (pre-recording) or saebangsong (live) is quite easy. the challenge is.. how do u communicate with them regarding timing, requirement, where to queue, where to wait etc lol. unless if u’re good in hangugo or there’s some ppl who is quite good in english, then it should be no problem. then we met a nice ahjussi (?) too lol he’s like an apinkeu’s sajangnim or something kkk. he came for apink! he came in the morning to register his name and went back to sleep lol (he only came back when the live recording starts at 6pm). he was so interested to know about us, like are we still studying, where did we come from, we came here for what etc etc. and yeah ofc we converse in our limited hangugo & his limited english. kkk. ahh but still he was so naiseuu. he even treated us coffee from 7eleven to warm up ourselves from this super effin cold weather. komawoyo keu won ssi!

in front of the famous patung~ lol. this is the place where u should be to gather & give your name to get into nokka/saebangsong.

a clueless foreign non-angel on the left lol :p

starbucks coffee from 7eleven, keu won ssi’s treat! 🙂

then around 9am the staff (not sure how many layers of staff they have – maybe 3 – fanclub’s sajangnim, top media (teen top’s company) staff, mnet staff) came and called out our name to queue. we were at #60 or something. then they do some checking. u must have a teen top’s album. ofc we have that. BUT u must also have an official angel’s card!! OMG. we didn’t have that. i don’t even have hottest 3rd card how do u expect me to have teen top’s card sobs. so they put us aside and let other ppl queue first. after finished those checking they let us to go inside the queue again. and we’re at #100 ++ already. =.=

at 10.30am, it was the time for nokka (pre-recording). teen top will be in pre-recording for ‘crazy’. and for this, they only let around 50 angels to go in. so from #1 – #50. haha there goes our chance to go into nokka~ yeah ofc we gonna wait again in this super freaking cold weather, to wait for the live show that will only start at freaking 6pm!!!!!!!!!!!!! my goodness. omg for the sake of seeing oppars live (erm no, anak hekan bole la kot lol), will do anything for u c.a.p !! (bias 1 hari lolol). so while waiting, we met i-angels too.. ginny from hong kong & mai eonni & her friend from japan. the weird thing is.. we have to converse in hangugo lmao. idek how to explain it. we even took pic with k-angels too lol. it was..quite awkward at first haha.

with k-angels~

with new friends from hk & japan! ginny, mai eonni’s friend & mai eonni 🙂

while waiting for teen top oppars to come~

then around 2pm, the staff said that teen top will do a short fanmeeting outside this building. so we have to queue again to attend it. mansae!! \o/ but then, we have to queue for almost an hour while waiting sobs. it was super cold not gonna lie. i can faint anytime thank god i didn’t faint lol. then they cameeeeeeee omg teen top it was super close. they said something bla3 (ofc i didn’t understand lol) for like 5-10 minutes. then bubyeeee. just that? haha but still, it was super close. and it was like all those waiting time in super freaking cold was totally worth it !! haha /exaggerates.

they’re hereeeee asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjk.

ricky, c.a.p & chunji!

ljoe, niel & changjo!

my swag oppar~

bye teentop oppars~ sobs

then we walked to the nearest dunkin donut and get our quick lunch there. i just had caramel machiatto and churros for lunch sobs. then we waited again and again ;___;

my quick lunch! sobsobshae ;__;

omg kakton got club in seoul meh? lmao cries.

at 5pm they asked us to queue again. while queuing, there were 3 ppl (they’re pd-nims!) approached us (cuz we’re foreign fans that look different? lmao) and asked whether they could do some interview with us after the saebangsong finished. i don’t feel like going for it cuz it might be long and definitely i’ll be tired. but anne looks like wanna give it a shot so it’s ok then. finally at 6, we got into the studio! LIKE OMG i’m watching this show on youtube almost every week but now i’m here? asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl!! i don’t really remember the order of the performance, but there were electroboyz – ma boy, nine muses – news, monday kiz – shadow, teen top – crazy, ns yoon g – the reason i became a witch, as one – lie, lee hyun – because it’s you, koyote – say that again, f1rst – ma ma my, dynamic duo – without u, apink – my my, t-ara – lovey dovey, kim jin yeop – love without goodbye. and the final perf was mblaq’s comeback stage!! they sang 낙서 (scribble) a ballad song, and it’s war, their promoted song. omg i was looking at g.o without blinking my eyes lol it was like………… my first time seeing mblaq appas!! like finally. sobs.

nine muses!

monday kiz. the final pic i managed to snap before the security guards start dragging ppl who take pic/vid out lol

mblaq – 낙서

go to this channel to watch the other performances lol.

and t-ara won mnet chart that day. then we went out from the studio and all those pd-nims already waited for us at the 1st floor lol. and they dragged us to a twosome place coffee shop and treated us coffees & cakes! so naiseu. i was quite hungry at that moment tbh lmao. and the interview session started. well i can’t reveal much details about it here (LOL) but what can i say is most of their questions were about hallyu wave in malaysia, our thoughts about it, which artist has largest fandoms, fanclubs, activities, etc etc. anne answered most of the questions cuz i was so out of energy even to open my mouth lol. when we introduced ourselves, anne said she’s a shawol and i’m a hottest. then one of the pd-nims was “ahh i like nichkhun!” and we were like asfghjsdfagjsdfghj and spazzing together lmao. then i asked where i could find the nearest mr pizza restaurant here (coz i already googled about it previously and there was a branch at the next building) but idk which building is it. then we started singing mr pizza’s song like “mr pija lobsetar! mr pija neun.. seng seng seng!” together and goes asdfghjkasdfghjk lmao cries. spazzing abt oppars with a pd-nim lol it was quite awkward.

coffees, cheese cake & tiramisu. pd-nims’ treat! 🙂

then we went back home. i felt like going to find that mr pizza place but i was so tired so we just postponed it to the other day. then anne said she wanna go to dongdaemun and i was like ok jalja~ but then suddenly i felt so energetic lmao. my steroids just shows its effects lmao so i followed her to dongdaemun.

how to go cj e&m (mnet) building:
-get off at digital media city station (exit #2)
-take a cab and tell the ahjussi u wanna go to cj e&m building

2) dongdaemun

well dongdaemun is just like the other markets like myeongdong/namdaemun. the diff is dongdaemun is like the place where u shop for clothes and stuffs. if u’ve watched cinderella man u must have known about this place already. they have like 4 main shopping malls there – doota, migliore, hellow apm & goodmorning city. my fav is hellow apm coz it’s quite cheap there lol. u can imagine those buildings are like sungei wang plaza, where they have 435672864378873 small shops and it’ll be confusing cuz they are just look alike. i bought 2 hoodies for 9000 won each, an earmuff for 5000 won, a glove for 8000 won & 2PM socks x 6 for 24000 won. oh and a red bagpack for 30000 won (so expensive! blergh). and we also had omokochi or some ppl call it odeng, like street fishcake for 1000 won and veggie kimbap for 5000 won at an ahjumma stall in front of goodmorning city. sobs i feel like eating odeng now! and finally we went home after that. ahhh this day 4 is so tiring~ (even to write an entry about it!). tbh, the experience is totally worth it. definitely it won’t be my last & final time to be into music shows. i’ll fly to seoul again later when my 2PM oppars make their comeback bahahaha (u wish!).

dongdaemun at night~

stalls in front of goodmorning city where bought odeng & kimbap! lol

how to go to dongdaemun:
-get off at dongdaemun history & culture park station (exit #14) – u’ll see goodmorning city building first
-OR get off at dongdaemun station (exit #8) – u’ll see doota building first