miri mo from malaysia kekeke.

/gonna brag about this for 234567890549382765 years ok. don’t judge me! LOL

well last november before 2PM came to Malaysia, i was in my cheapskate mode where i will keep on checking whatever contests to win 2PM concert tickets. i’m their hardcore fan but money is still money. if i can get free tickets why should i spend my money rite? so there i was, stalking all possible channels like fb/site from whatever sites that usually held contests to win kpop concert tickets. and i stumbled upon this post by onetvasia on their fb that asked fans to submit a question to 2PM to their e-mail and they will ask it during their interview. i didn’t think much and shoot an e-mail straight away to them. my question was like ‘to junho: if u get a chance to be a main act in any drama/movie/musical, what type of character will u anticipate most?” something like that. i was just trolling and i dont think they will really ask questions from fans. let alone to air it on tv lol.

and suddenly last few weeks, anne was on leave/mc so she spent her whole day on her couch in front of tv (to watch tv la ofc). then she tweeted me something like ‘fuyo dah la bb jwb soalan ko ek’. i was truly clueless. like bb what? big bang? block b? soalan? whaaaaaattt? then she was M.I.A for few minutes. i was like what questionnnnnn tell me nao marebwaaaaaaaaaa!! then she explained and said there’s a vid on onehd where 2PM answering fans’ questions and junho answered mine! i was like what vid omggggggggggggggggg show meeeeeeeee. i was in my office ofc how do i watch onehd! then she promised to record the clip if onehd air it again. LOL tq aney later we go to smuudi k. ❤

this is the vid if u wanna watch la (finally onehd upload it on their fb OTL):

isn’t he cute!! he’s so effin cute okkkkkkkkkk. my dream of hearing him saying my name (ON NATIONAL TV OMG) has come true. thank you onehd i love u! 🙂


happy bday junho.

my hwang jae has turned 20. saengil chukha hamnida. have a blast. 2pm jjang!

p/s: nak tengok wild bunny, tapi fyp.. aaa!! +_+