korea trip day 7 (final day).

yeah finally, our final day in korea! not that i’m happy to leave seoul (sobs =.=) but i’m happy that finally i can wrap up this korea trip posts lol. so on our final day, it’s a schedule-free day, so we were free to go anywhere. woke up ard 8.30am and get ready to check out from the guesthouse. our plan is to leave our luggages at the airport then went back to seoul again. so me intan jue & niza took 2 cabs to the airport since it’s impossible to drag our 4873363647 heavy luggages thru the endless staircases at the subway lol. the cost for a cab to the airport? 50,000 won per cab. =.= while the others took subway to the airport. coz they are badang lmao.

goodbye seoul backpackers goodbye~

with the taxi ahjussi lol.

work why why are u hunting me even at korea OTL.

after finished dropping our bags at the luggage storage (not free tho. need to pay 24,000 won for abt 25kg luggage) we went back to soeul. while intan stayed at airport (idek how did she spent her hours at the airport lmao) and jue & niza went somewhere else.

1) myeongdong

our first destination is myeongdong cuz these guys can’t stop themselves from buying more & more clothes at f21 lol. ugh me too anyway lol. bought 4 shirts from f21 for 38000 ~ rm110! it’s so effin cheap ok. usually i can only get 2 shirts with that price at f21 malaysia. sadly i didn’t have much money left (it’s final day, what do u expect) or else i would’ve bought any nice winter coat there sobs.

while waiting for subway to itaewon~

2) itaewon

then we got so hungry and decided to have our late lunch at itaewon. kebab timeeee! but anne was nowhere to be found. after half an hour wandering around f21 & zara looking for her, we drop a msg on whatsapp to inform abt the lunch plan and went to itaewon first. sorry aney =.= then we had our late lunch at mr kebab. i ordered a chicken + rice set for 7000 won & coke for 1500 won. it was so naiseu! (maybe i was too hungry lol).


3) dongdaemun

after finished stuffin ourselves with kebab, then it’s time to go back to the airport. but i still haven’t found my ‘beg makcik’ yet lol. wth beg makcik. so i decided to go to dongdaemun alone to look for that beg makcik (cuz i thought i’ve seen it before at the stall outside goodmorning city when we went there on day 4). and yeah one of the ahjumma at the stall area sell it! mansaeee. i can drop whatever small things/bags inside it and check in the bag later lol.

the stall where i bought that begmakcik lol.

they were dancing to kara’s mister!

it was still early at that time. so i went to goodmorning city with my 30000 won and bought a hoodie for 9000 won hehe. and there was a dance competition or something in front of hellow apm so i just stood there and watch their perf. it was bittersweet to think that i’m gonna miss all these happening sights sobs =.= i miss kl ngl but to think that i’m gonna have to leave seoul & back to reality in kl (= work) tomorrow is just.. hmm.

4) airport

ard 10.30pm then i went back to airport (with subway ofc lol). and we slept there! and make the airport like our own home haha. nobody was there at midnight so it’s quite convenient to just lay around there on those chairs and sleep kekeke. our flight gonna be at 8.30am (the next morning) so there is no choice other than just stay there. actually our initial plan was to rent a room at the airport sauna nut it was quite expensive (plus the fact that we are dead broke already lol). so yeah.

eating on the airport’s floor #likeaboss kkk.

my checked in luggage. less than 25kg yaww!

that’s a wrap! it was such a wonderful 8 days at seoul sobs. obviously it’s not gonna be my last trip to korea. definitely will go there again soon (with improved hangugo tehehe). till then, annyeong~

korea trip day 2.

hello peeps. i’m back with my day 2 post! lol. so on day 2, we went to n seoul tower (formerly called namsan tower? lol idk) in the morning. from our guesthouse, me intan jue & niza took the subway to myeongdong station. while anne & yani walked thru myeongdong. yes they were freaking walked their ass off from our freaking guesthouse to myeongdong station lol idek why. while waiting for them to arrived, we waited at paris baguette near exit #2 and had our quick breakfast.

in front of paris baguette~

sipping paru’s americano!

1) namsan tower

when anne & yani have arrived, we waited for the bus to namsan tower. i dont remember which bus lol but it’s a yellow bus. you can also take ‘namsan tour’ bus #05 (coz we took this bus later when we went back lol). there are 2 options to go to namsan tower actually. you can either take a bus straight to namsan tower OR take a cable car from the cable car station. well the first option looks easier (and waaayyy cheaper), isn’t it? haha.

inside the bus. never thought riding a bus at seoul could be this easy lol.

when we reached the bus stop at namsan tower, we thought ahhh reached dy~ but actually we haven’t! haha. we still have to climb the hill (which is quite steepy~ ;__;).

can you see how steep it is? lol.

then we went to buy the entrance ticket (always want to use my basic hangugo skill ‘ibjangryoga eolmayaeyo’ thing but seems like all these ticket ppl tend to speak in english with foreign tourists lol). then me & anne went inside the souvenir shop to buy our .. ehem .. love padlocks LOL. and everyone went wth is thisss lol come on ppl it’s obvious you didn’t make any research about this place! haha :p well in case if you didn’t know, this place is famous for its love padlocks thing. well lovers tend to come here and leave their love padlocks, hoping their love will last forever. but for us, erm, ofc we’re just doing it for fun! so we hung our love padlocks .. with junho’s name ofc who elseeeee bahahaha. and ofc anne with her taemin. couldn’t find khuntoria’s padlock tho tsk.

my love padlock LOL don’t judge me. i don’t need your comment! haha.

surrounded by 345678934567890 padlocks!

then we off to the teddy bear museum which is located downstairs. and there were 43562798934587374 bears with different costumes and background! it’s a teddy bear museum what do you expect? lol. then we off to the observatory area. well it’s a tower at the first place haha. we can see the whole seoul town.

poor bears~ ;__;

looks like banchon! (you’ll get what i mean if you watch deep rooted tree lol)

with hwangjae bear! are u king yi do? haha.

goong bear!

hello there junkay~~ ahaha.

not really sure which part of seoul is this lol.

i thought this is the temple/pavilion where khuntoria had their 9 dishes dinner thing, but sadly it wasn’t! lol.

our must-do-thing, ambik gambar lompat!

then we went to the same place where the bus dropped us earlier to go back to myeongdong. we took namsan tour bus #05 since we need to get off at myeongdong station. if your next destination is namdaemun market, you can take bus #03.

you may find this bust stop sign and wait there.

this is the bus lol. don’t really remember how much is the bus fare tho. maybe around 1000 won.

how to go to namsan tower:

-get off at myeongdong station (exit #2)
-take namsan tour bus #05
-entrance fee = 14,000 won (including teddy bear museum)

2) myeongdong

heh this is one of my favourite places. cuz there are so many shops /with oppars’ standees/ LOL it’s like.. you’re going somewhere that is close to your heart. lol shoot me! actually the initial plan was to find a seafood ddukbokki restaurant and have our lunch there. but everyone was not into korean foods and they prefer to eat maggi instead lol. so we parted ways and me & anne started to find the seafood ddukbokki restaurant. sadly we couldn’t find it! OTL. in the end we stumbled upon this bibimbap restaurant while searching and just had our lunch there. we had squid bibimbap, acorn jelly and mushroom pajeon. the whole meals costs 23,500 won so we divide into 2 = 11,750 won per person.


it says ‘haeulchae’ (maybe the restaurant’s name). they had this sign outside the restaurant which is located at the 2nd floor.

then it’s time for shopping! first we went to everysing. well if you’re an avid SME company’s artists (suju, snsd, shinee, dbsk) fans, this is the-must-go place. it is located on the 2nd floor above spao. basically you can find all official merchandise issued by SME here, like those official calendars, official diaries, official mugs, whatever official lah haha. and albums too ofc but the price is slightly expensive. so i bought some donghae’s merchandise here coz i’m not really a suju’s fan but more to hae bb. so yeah.. i bought only hae and hae lol. then we went to spao downstairs and i bought a cheap 9900 won hoodie.

in front of everysing~

in front of spao~

hello there taec & woo oppars! ❤

mr pija neun sengsengseng! oh hi khunnie boi~ kkk

and ofc i’ll be excited whenever i saw any shops endorsed by my 2pm oppars lol and went inside the shop without hesitation. from it’s skin to spris to evisu to look optical and finally we found mr pizza. but we didn’t go inside cuz we’re still full from the late lunch. hmm. next time then ;___; ( i went to mr pizza at hongdae on day 6 actually haha. ofc i’m not gonna miss any chance to eat mr pija lobsetar sengsengseng!)

i didn’t shop much here at myeongdong tbh compared to the others. they shop like crazy at forever21 and zara coz they were on massive sale! like trench coat costs around 30,000 won only can you imagine that. but i didn’t buy pun haha i only go to forever21 and zara on the final day. will tell about it later on day 7 post lol. so after tired from loitering around myeongdong, we went back home. we took subway from myeongdong station. and drop by this kpop shop at myeongdong station to buy our 4563278137483 kpop albums & stuffs haha. i don’t remember the name of the shop but obviously it’s a kpop shop you’re not gonna miss it. oh it’s near to exit #2. bought 9 albums & a box of 2pm starcard from this shop. total damage = 125,400 won o.O

how to go to myeongdong:

-get off at myeongdong station (exit #2)