suju trivia.

i won the 3rd place for suju trivia organized by twelfs on twitter hahaha why would i join this quiz i’m not even an elf LMFAO.  i just google all the answers (obviously coz i know nothing bout suju) and pappappap i won the 3rd place haha thanx btw my dear twelfs. 😉

p/s: xde hadiah pon cis.

shuperrr juniorrr.

i’ve bought suju’s lightstick and donghae’s kipas tau hehehe. the lightstick is obviously to lighten up the concert mood la and the kipas is to kipas diri sendiri la. eeekk can’t wait for this march 20 *grinsssssss*.

and this vid is demn hilarious lah – hai apa kabarr kami shuperrrr juniorrrr LOL funny teukkie.

cr: NatashaIman