kpop day out.

yesterday was daebak for me and anne.

1. went to times square to buy kpop stuff.

my junho socks with 2pm phone keychain.

chicken katsu don

i bought junho’s socks (aekgyo!) and 2pm’s phone keychain. and i just spent rm27++ for those stuff kot x macam anne sampai rm50++ haha. then we had our lunch at mr teppanyaki. i order chicken katsu don pon sedap gilers kot. haih mmg daebak la sume haha.

2. went to korean plaza for love at 2pm charity show.

one of the perf by khazanah (not kpop fans kot) but they’re boys! so ppl keep on screaming like they are the real kpop oppas lol

this is not the real kpop concert in case you’re still wondering about what am i talking about. this is a concert by kpop fans. only fans from their fanclub! not the real kpop artist! haha. there were about 10 perfs and all of them are mostly singing and dancing perfs by kpop group like 2pm, beg, kara, snsd, suju, shinee, ss501, wonder girls, etc, you name it! (except for that one girl who played accoustic guitar and sang coldplay and rihanna’s songs like what’s that??). and there’s also a special perf (or should i say a debut? lol) by a new artist – Dior who looks like shinee’s jonghyun LMAO. we forgot to take a pic with him OMG LOLWUT.

it was really nice to gather and meet other kpop fans who shared the same obsession as we do. it was really fun to scream together whenever our kpop idols songs are played and being danced by the performers. haha. the only word that can describe last night’s show – is daebak!

p/s: xde suara coz smlm da jerit mcm hape.