bakery story.

hello guys. haven’t blogged for 354738292926 years dy lol. just simply because i have nothing to say here? and i’m here now just to ask if any of you are playing bakery story on phone? this is a free app on iphone and android so go la download now. why still play angry birds? lmao. haa then add me as your neighbour ok. my storm8 id is milimo. btw the concept is just like farmville one la. go masak2 then hidang2 then dapat duet then can expand your bakery, buy more stuffs etc. i play this like a serious businesswoman ok. dlm train on the way pegi keje masak. masak yg stok 2-3 jam then time lunch break bole hidang. pastu masak lain 2-3 jam, dlm train on the way balik hidang lagi. mlm sebelom tido masak lg yg 8 jam then esok dlm train hidang lg. and it goes on and on and on. LOL over gile.┬áthis is my current obsession tbh, other than 2PM ofc LOL. reminds me of those good old internship-play-farmville-all-day-long days sobs i miss those days sfm !! =.=

this is my bakery. i’m so kaya idek what to do with my 150,000 bucks LOL /iz kerek/

see thaaaaaaaat. this is the coolest fanservice ever! keukeukeu

btw just wanna brag here that hungry gave me a hot chocolate last week! as a gift! omg can’t breathe like freeze. but who the hell is hungry? it’s mr okcat ok taecyeon la! u dunno? go dai now lol jk.