2AM live in 3D show.

our tix! XD

got these too! oppars’ socks, towel and eco bag! kk

trollers and poster. tiada muka lain nampaknye ye lmaooo.

omg i almost forgot to write about this! lol. went to e@curve to watch 2AM live in 3D show premiere screening last 3 weeks (?) on 10th oct. cuz i won 8tv nite live fb contest on 3rd oct, while kak ton’s unnir won on 2nd oct, and kak anu won on 4th oct.  lol so each of us got 2 passes so we bring our tlisteu lmfaooo. i bring rina, kak ton’s unnir  bring kak ton and kak anu bring timbb. so yeah in the end we gotta see the same faces during the premiere screening trololol. and we met one of our tlisteu too, anis, coz her friend won the tix from 8tv nite live twitter lmaooo. what is this omg i can’t lol.

this is how i won the passes lol.

 when they posted this pic, the first person who comment wins! guess who it is? XD

 oo yeah! XD (oh icu ***** pfftt)

well the movie was so effin osm ofc, got to watch 2AM oppars sing i think around 10 songs (?), in 3D! omg like you’re watching their concert live mmkay. right in front of your eyes! and there’s 8eight and lim jeonghee as guest performers too.

* on a side note, seems like my lucky charm is still there. gotta fully utilize it before it’s too late! lol

big bad wolf books.

 patah tangan nak hangkot dik non!

 total damage = RM199 /only!/ XD

went to Big Bad Wolf Books at MAEPS Serdang last Thursday. and all aloneee! lol. but i like it that way. so i can tawaf the whole hall and dive in to find all books that i want. some of you might be clueless about this Big Bad Wolf thingy. well it’s like the biggest book fair (i dont even know where are these 458721934872483 books coming from but i think somewhere from UK? lol idk). like all those books you can find at mph/popular/borders etc, all of them are so cheap you’ll be so surprised. coz it’s so cheap! how cheap? RM8 yawwwwwwww! XD

 imma read this first. idek when i’m gonna finish reading this lol.

so what are you waiting for? this book fair will last til this weekend. go spend your money like a boss to buy books!

where: MAEPS Serdang (map HERE)
when: 7th – 16th Oct 2011
more info: Big Bad Wolf Books’ Website / FB / Twitter

 how does the book fair looks like (cr: big bad wolf books’ FB)

p/s: i might go there again tomorrow. on it’s final day! perhaps there’ll be RM3 books? lol.

2PM hands up asia tour in malaysia 2011 XD

got my tix dy !! gonna meet oppars on 25th nov 2011 OMG SCREAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !! XD

thanks starplanet for making it happen !! and tm for the 20% discount !! LOL and thanks to kakton for helping us buy the tix keukeu. all malaysian hottesteu let’s put our handzap likeaboss on 25th nov 2011 !! XDDDDD

p/s: if you’re interested to go you might wanna check this site lol /promote oppars likeaboss/


one of those happy days.

when we visited him at hospital putrajaya back in december last year (the last and final time i met him).

it’s still clear in my head, i teased him cold-heartedly at this time when i said “emieee kitorang nk pi karok pasni! jgn jelesss haha” and he just smiled and laughed, but i know deep inside his heart, he really wanna join us cuz he really loves singing so much (though we didnt go for karok that day pun). never imagined it gonna be like our last joke together. 😥

never imagined that you will meet HIM this soon. HE loves you more definitely. i’m really sorry for all my wrongdoings to you (though it’s too late already to say it 😥 , but of course i already forgive you for all your wrongdoings too, if there’s any). may you rest in peace over there.

al-fatihah to one of my petam, allahyarham Hilmy Hassan 😥

on his last birthday celebration (that we celebrated for him).