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what the tuutt.

forgot to blog abt this. last week before pegi photoshoot with petoms, tibe2 sitot post gamba ni kat fb. teroslah aku ter jawdrop sambil mata terbeliak. lmaooooo perlu laa sampai jd model kedai gamba plakkk puahahahah. btw kedai ni dijumpai oleh si sapik, adiknye sitot, yg terletak di melaka. sape yg curik gamba ktorg gi jual kat kedai gamba ni haa ngaku cepattt !! LOL. dah la gune free2 jer. dah la sampai 3 gamba small medium large lolol. baya royalti arr.

p/s: btw gamba ni diambik mase petoms trip ke melaka before grad taun lps. saje gi melaka mengimbau kenangan silam zmn alpha kat mmu melaka kui3.

twin towers @live 2011.

went to klcc last  friday after work for twin towers @live 2011 hehe. got yuna, bunkface, the azenders, WONDER GIRLS and HOOBASTANK yaww. i’m going there for wg and hoobastank laa ofc. but since this is an open air and FREE concert, i dunno what to expect at first. i even don’t have any plan and intention to go but anne mcm semangat gile je nk pegi and yani too. kire last minute plan la ni haha. so i just follow them la, free summore u got nothing to lose :p cume penat sket la nk hangkot laptop adoi nk patah tulang aku haa. so me and yani arrived there first then we bought some foods and drinks at cold storage before heading to the concert area. then ard 8.30 anne and ksah and her friend pon smpai.

the first perf is yuna. she sang like 5 songs kot i dont remember. then the azenders and we were like eh sam? oo ni la group baru sam tu. not bad la their perf and music was quite good. then when their turn ends, sam was like “ok gimme me 5 minutes” and he came out again. this time with bunkface. gile ah x pnt ke ko sam oii tamakun tol perform utk 2 group lmaooo. then then it’s WONDER GIRLS !! they sang 7 songs ok !! 2DT, so hot, irony, ibabo, saying i love you, this time and nobody. dah mcm buat konsert sendiri kott nyesal x bwk light stick lol. and they were so pretty stunning beautiful flawless as usual. yubin and sunye were so pretty idek. all of them actually. they even tried to speak in malay like ‘saya sayang kamu semua’ etc. good job guuuurls u guys should go teach teukie more malay vocabs so he wont stick with his ‘appakaba’ in every super show k LOL. when they perform we were being a fangirl as usual, singing along to their songs etc. but sadly cuz most kpoppers and wonderfuls are in front of the stage (ofc la they wanna see their biased as close as possible) so mcm ktorg jela kat area dpn screen tu yg dok ‘wonder girls!! wonder girls!!’ haha lantak la kisah hape haku kannn haha. some of the foreigners pon menari sama ala steps nobody tu mcm sume org tau kot. sape xtau sile tanam muke dlm tanah loljk. yg klakanye ade la mamat i**** 2 org ni tetibe randomly nyanyi ‘andai ku tahu..’ LOLOL salah concert plsss. there’s no ungu in this concert ok.

sorry btw for being too spazzy since this is my first time meeting them live :p

then the dj came again playing some songs while waiting for the crews to set up the stage for hoobastank. we waited like half an hour kot grr. it’s already 11.30pm when hoobastank came out on the stage. and i was quite excited tbh at that time cuz hoobastank is one of my fav bands during my high school days, other than LP, switchfoot, coldplay etc lol. so i was like omggggg dougggggg but not that spazzy la compared to wg kan lolol kpop is my laifu now what is hoobastank. so after hoobastank performed 1 song, we go back la. and anne and ksah sent me home hehe thanks korg! sorry dah de kete pon nk nyusahkan org lg ape nk buat x berani lg nk drive hari tu. tp skrg dah brani dah hehe. 🙂

wg was osmmmmmmmmm. it’s really worth it to watch them there. i’m glad that i decided to go. 🙂

p/s: gamba curik fb ksah hehe.

new responsibility.

not yet ready to spend rm500 per month actually but what to do. kenot tahan la nak pegi mane2 pon kene naik ktm yg cam tuut tu lol *mcm la pasni gi keje xnaik ktm gak*. mcm nk sepak je bile ckp objektif beli kete ialah utk parking kt stesen ktm terdekat so xyah la jln kaki gi ktm lol. tp ok la gak at least sng la nk kua jenjalan ngan petom ke nk gi konsert kpop ke xyah la aku nk wat muke seposen “anneyyyy..  nk tummmmpangggg hehe” LMAO. ok fine aney fine pasni aku amik ko plakkkk.

welcome to mommy my new babyyyy. gonna give it a name soon hehe.

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