because i’m miLEE :D

just realized that all my kpop biases’ family name is LEE. lol what a coincidence.

1. LEE junho (2PM) – my ultimate and primary hubby hahaha ily


2. LEE donghae (suju) – the second hubby hahaha ily too


3. LEE jinki (shinee’s onew) – he was like *-* haha


4. LEE gikwang (beast) – lol aj your faceee 8D


5. alexander LEE eusebio (ukiss) – lol lee la jugakkk


i think that’s why my name is mili (pronounced as mee-LEE). now i’m officially announced my name as LEE MILI haha jkjk.


shuperrr juniorrr.

i’ve bought suju’s lightstick and donghae’s kipas tau hehehe. the lightstick is obviously to lighten up the concert mood la and the kipas is to kipas diri sendiri la. eeekk can’t wait for this march 20 *grinsssssss*.

and this vid is demn hilarious lah – hai apa kabarr kami shuperrrr juniorrrr LOL funny teukkie.

cr: NatashaIman

i’ll support you.

..all 7 of them until the end, no matter what happens. i couldn’t take any side so..yeah forgive me.

i’m wearing the socks with your face on it hwang jae! lol.

i really miss their good old days. somehow i feel that their issues was created by a third party, just like the FTTS issues if you watch strong heart (when fany and brian tell the story about why they didn’t talk to each other for such a long time just bcoz of this one holyshiet batu api). it does make sense right. currently JYPE is on top of the top of the peak. even WG is so daebak in US right now. i think they’re planning to make 2PM (with jaebum of course!) debut in US too soon, so..yeah..jealous people are everywhere! idk who, it could be those antis, another recording companies, another kpop group, JYP’s rivals from the past etc. anyone could be. those ppl really want to ruin their lives. manusia biase la tak sah tak busuk hati. mane boleh kau je famous kau je kaye kan kan kan. yeah so now i pity everyone including JYP. your 10 years of hardship was blown away in a day. anyway this is just my opinion. don’t get too serious.

p/s: in case if you’re wondering what the hell of crap is this haa ape kau merepek ni labuu, hahaha this is a kpop thingy if you don’t even know who is 2pm then you better kill yourself ย ignore this. ok bye! lol XD.

2pm fan fic.

now it’s 2pm’s turn. all 2pm hottests, try this quiz here.

Name/Username: Mili Mo

Your brother is Chansung
Your husband is Nichkhun
Your next-door neighbor is Wooyoung
Your first love is Junsu
You run away with Junsu
You have a child with Wooyoung

takmo kawen dgn Nickhunnnn. ade anak dgn Wooyoung tu takpe hahaha. but where’s my hwang jae? junho yaa. eodiseooo? +_+

i did shinee’s quiz last time, and it was minho. heee.

kpop day out.

yesterday was daebak for me and anne.

1. went to times square to buy kpop stuff.

my junho socks with 2pm phone keychain.

chicken katsu don

i bought junho’s socks (aekgyo!) and 2pm’s phone keychain. and i just spent rm27++ for those stuff kot x macam anne sampai rm50++ haha. then we had our lunch at mr teppanyaki. i order chicken katsu don pon sedap gilers kot. haih mmg daebak la sume haha.

2. went to korean plaza for love at 2pm charity show.

one of the perf by khazanah (not kpop fans kot) but they’re boys! so ppl keep on screaming like they are the real kpop oppas lol

this is not the real kpop concert in case you’re still wondering about what am i talking about. this is a concert by kpop fans. only fans from their fanclub! not the real kpop artist! haha. there were about 10 perfs and all of them are mostly singing and dancing perfs by kpop group like 2pm, beg, kara, snsd, suju, shinee, ss501, wonder girls, etc, you name it! (except for that one girl who played accoustic guitar and sang coldplay and rihanna’s songs like what’s that??). and there’s also a special perf (or should i say a debut? lol) by a new artist – Dior who looks like shinee’s jonghyun LMAO. we forgot to take a pic with him OMG LOLWUT.

it was really nice to gather and meet other kpop fans who shared the same obsession as we do. it was really fun to scream together whenever our kpop idols songs are played and being danced by the performers. haha. the only word that can describe last night’s show – is daebak!

p/s: xde suara coz smlm da jerit mcm hape.

saranghae minho!

my minho ๐Ÿ˜‰

all SHINee lovers, try this quiz here.
ignore this post if you’re not a k-popper. haha.

Name / Username : Mili
Your Partner Is : Minho
Where Did You Meet : At a restaurant
What made him fall in love with you : Your brightfullness
How did he announce that he had fallen for you : Confess to you in front of your house with a bouquet of flowers while standing in a heart-shaped candle lights filling the road (so shweet!! hahah. in your dream!!)
What kind of nickname he calls you : Your actual name with his own slang
How did he propose to you : Sang a song under the starry sky with firecrackers blooming

kyaa. very de accurate. hahah. ๐Ÿ˜€

kpop popular dance 2009.

my fav perf from kbs gayo daejun 2009. from mister (kara) to again & again (2pm) to abracadabra (brown eyed girls) to genie (snsd) to sorry sorry (suju). i think they should add more popular dance from shinee’s ring ding dong, 2ne1’s fire etc. but it’s ok la. gwenchana. they really did a great job. ๐Ÿ˜€